Meet Erica Black, founder of Erica Maree Designs

Erica Black is the founder and designer behind Erica Maree Designs. After moving to Mexico from Portland, Oregon, Erica would walk the mercados, town plazas and neighboring rural villages and get fascinated by the indigenous textiles. It was there, in her new home of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the creative seeds were planted
Her very first design was a one-of-a-kind hobo handbag created from one of her daughter's Mexican embroidered dresses that she had outgrown. This creative re-use of fabrics and textiles has now spun into a full line of clothing, handbags and accessories, all inspired by the colorful embroidery and traditional textiles from Mexico
We are honored that she fell in love with Mexico and played with our timeless fabrics to make them the canvas for her art. Traditional Mexican embroidered dresses became exquisite one-of-a-kind bags. A hand-crafted Otomi table runner transformed into a gorgeous clutch. 
But what we love most about Erica is that she is dedicated to supporting living wages, fair trade and sustainable practice for our beloved Mexican artisans. Every Erica Maree product sale supports a collective of artisans, seamstresses, their families and communities in MexicoErica ensures that she has direct and mutually beneficial relationships with artisans in remote regions of the country, working closely with them to develop new embroidered textile products and designs. She fuses tradition with innovation to create unique products. 
Welcome to Mi Clarita, Erica! And thank you for helping keep the magic of traditional Mexican embroidery alive.

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